Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?
Call the main number 954-702-9110.  If you should be prompted to leave a message, do so and a medical specialist will return your call to discuss your medical concerns and to schedule your appointment.

What conditions do you treat?
We treat any condition that causes vulvar and vaginal pain, usually manifested with intercourse.  We also treat many dermatologic diseases that present in the vulvovaginal area.
These conditions include vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis, lichen sclerosus, erosive lichen planus, recurrent vaginal infections, DIV, sexual transmitted infections, pelvic floor dysfunction, persistent genital arousal disorder, pudendal neuralgia, and interstitial cystitis. In addition, we also see patients for annual check ups, cervical dysplasia, and a variety of routine gynecologic conditions.

How much time?
For most appointments, you should expect to be with our physicians approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes;
however, leave yourself two hours to be in the office.

What should I bring?
New patient paperwork must be downloaded from this website.  It should be completed and received in our office (4) business days prior to your appointment.  You should bring any past medical records to the initial appointment.
You only need to bring the reports from any radiologic tests, not the films themselves.

How can I get the most out of my appointment?
Please, be on time. Make a list of questions for the physician and bring that to the appointment. Fill out the “vulvar pain questionnaire” thoroughly. This will enable your physician to make the most out of their time with you.
Provide a list of all medications you have used and a prepare a timeline of their use. Simply writing “I used lots of different creams” does not provide enough information.  

What will happen at the first visit?
Initially, you will meet Dr. Christopher and go over the paperwork you have completed. This paperwork addresses your medical history, your symptoms and any related issues for which you need answers. This review will take approximately 25 minutes. You will have time to mention all information you believe to be pertinent. A good medical history cannot be rushed, and we will not do so. Next, you will move to a treatment room.
Your physician will perform a very thorough physical exam. We will make a very good effort to limit all discomfort associated with this exam- we use pediatric speculums for exam. Tests that may be performed during this exam include vulvoscopy, vulvar biopsy, vaginal cultures for speciation and sensitivity, and an evaluation of the levator ani muscles and pudendal nerves.
Some blood tests may be needed and our medical assistant is an excellent phlebotomist. The exam will take approximately 20 minutes. After the physical examination, you will return to the physician’s office to go over your diagnosis and options of care. We will strive to provide a very thorough review of the current information that is known about your medical condition.
A written plan of care will be provided when you leave.

Will you call to remind me of my appointment?
We will call to confirm each appointment and will make every effort to reach the patient by phone. If we are unable to reach a new patient to confirm or we do not receive a call back, we cannot guarantee that the appointment will be held.  

Will a copy of the diagnosis and treatment plan be mailed to my referring physician?
Yes, a letter will be faxed to your referring physician if you provide his/her name and fax number on your registration form. The letter will be a complete, detailed report on your diagnosis and treatment plan and is usually faxed within a week of your visit.

How do I speak with the doctor to answer questions?
Email the doctor at, and provide your concerns and questions.
He will either respond by email or contact you by phone, so please leave a contact number. If you do not use email, call the office number.